Plan for the  AWS Managed & secure Cloud

Let us help define your Journey to the AWS Managed & Secure Cloud service with our suite of application led services that include industry-tailored insights and strategies to help you prioritize business planning and actions to maximize results.

AWS Managed & secure cloud
AWS Managed & secure cloud

Migrate to the  Secure Cloud

Reinvent your application portfolio, make use of emerging technologies, and build with speed and agility with our innovation-led approach to migrating your enterprise services.

Secure the Cloud

Protect your business with our cloud security services including governance and compliance, application security, data privacy and protection, foundation security, digital identity, and cyber defense.

AWS Managed & secure cloud
AWS Managed & secure cloud

Improve in the Cloud

Optimize your engineering, operations, and maintenance of complex technological infrastructures and ensure they are built to last.

Manage the Cloud

Work as Partners with our clients to deliver what they need across a full range of services from customer-facing digital components to mission-enabling platform services.

AWS Managed & secure cloud
AWS Managed & secure cloud


Nubes Opus LLC, is a Technology Services and Consulting company. Our core team has combined decades of experience serving sectors such as Banking, Taxes, and Insurance in a wide variety of roles, including Business Analysis, Application Development, Architecture, and Project Management



We have broad experience spanning multiple decades in the realms of application development, architecture, and cloud adoption.

Nubes Opus, LLC USA team completely transformed our on premises enterprise application into aws cloud based solution with zero impacts to our existing customers, this is now allowing us to plan around modernizing and automating many of our application key features with more aws native services that can greatly help with our business growth.

-Dr. Tamvada Jagannadha Pawan, Founder, Ipowerz Ltd.