case study - Ipowerz

Case Study on Ipowerz


As an early stage startup, the IPowerz enterprise application was developed completely on premises using various server environments for storing code, application artifacts, web servers, database servers etc and running the production environment on a Digital Ocean platform. This caused a myriad of problems, including extended deployment time, scalability issues and larger upfront costs.

Case Study

Ipowerz wanted a cost-effective solution to run the system 24/7 providing access to a worldwide audience while streamlining development and maintaining the ability to quickly enhance the system. And for their Goal,

Our Solution
We hosted their application in the AWS cloud.

About Ipowerz
iPowerz is an enterprise application which enables its users to showcase their existing or new business ideas and plans, authenticate the providers, audit the idea/plan, authorize after assessments and make the approved idea/plan accessible for further collaboration within the platform. It serves as a stage for collaboration between incubation centers, investors, and individuals from around the world to forge partnerships with the people behind those ideas and jointly take them forward, fund them, and bring them to fruition.

The Business Challenges and Nubes Opus Solution
The Ipowerz team was growing and the client list was growing; they needed a way to showcase their most up-to-date offering to a world-wide audience while maintaining the small team agility that they relied on. Nubes Opus devised and implemented a hosting strategy utilizing EC2, S3, RDS, and Cloudfront, as well as an SDLC strategy utilizing CodeCommit, CodePipeline, and CodeBuild thereby building quality into the system.

The Business Benefits
Ipowerz can showcase their offering 24/7 to any potential client no matter where in the world the client is located. The automated testing and deployment process ensures that quality is built in and enables the team to respond quickly to client requests.

World-wide Availability
Cost Effective