cloud cost optimization

Many organizations begin their Journey to the cloud cost optimization with a “lift-and-shift” migration that emphasizes speed to the cloud while sacrificing efficiency and, while it’s a valid and highly recommended migration pattern, they soon find that they would like to reduce their cloud spend. Some organizations plan their migrations for cost optimization but find that their planning, which is based on their legacy datacenter environments, did not successfully estimate the required cloud resources, leading to overprovisioned infrastructure and overspending. Some organizations are even “born on the cloud” but still find that their efficiency declines over time and a significant portion of their spend is wasted.

Regardless of your scenario, whether listed above or totally unique to you, Nubes Opus can help you manage and reduce your cloud spend without impacting your workload(s) already running on the Cloud. We help you assess the options, pick the blend of options that are right for your organization, and implement the cost savings strategy you choose.

  • Savings plans such as RIs and EDPs
  • We can help you discover, analyze, and plan for the use of Savings Plans including Reserved Instances and Enterprise Discount Program
  • Instance Right Sizing
  • We can help you discover and implement a right size solution with the elasticity to handle your peak volume.
  • Storage Retention Policies
  • We can help you design and implement a storage retention solution that will make your data available when you need it, and only keep it for as long as you need.
  • Instance Family Refresh
  • We can help you refresh your fleet of AWS instances as they are periodically updated with more performant and cost-effective versions.
  • Waste
  • We can help you identify and eliminate unused and orphaned infrastructure

The quickest way to double your money is to fold it in half and put it in your back pocket.
—Will Rogers

“From legacy to modernization, from centralized services to open api’s, from manual to automation … nubes opus got you covered”